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Krista Guthrie

Me?  Well… Krista Guthrie is da name, and I aint gots no idea what’s da game.  Seriously?!?! You wanna interview me?  Why?  Why would you want anything to do with me? Aint I justa nobody? I really don’t know what ta say. You goanna have ta just put stuff down fur me, cuz I aint got notin’ ta say bout me. I plead da fifth!

Interviewer:   Would you agree that you are a fighter? That you are not going to just give up after people put you down and “throw the first punch” so to speak? I feel that you are a very spirited young woman, who has been dealt a heck of a lot of pain and trauma and you astonish me, that you haven’t given up on yourself or others yet. Would you agree that this is at least one great quality that you possess?  

Krista:  Yes, I agree, I guess. I just neva really think bout it too much, ya know? I try an keep humble.

Interviewer:   It is not boasting to find good qualities in yourself, and to share those talents and skills with others. It shows confidence and strength, not ego and arrogance. If you are putting others down to do it, or claiming that no one else is as good as you, than that is a form of bullying, and could be a problem. Merely recognizing and acknowledging that you have talent, skill, or expertise in something is not a problem, and can actually help others feel free to share what they are good at too.  

Krista:   K, well in dat case, I guess you could say I is pretty darn good at comebacks and sass, you know, standin’ up fur myself n all dat. I’m also good at school, I pretend to not be, but actually I know how to speak with perfect and proper English, and I even have an extremely high vocabulary. I guess I am just afraid to let anyone know that because my crowd talks this way, and they get mad at me and say that I am all “High falutin’” and all that jazz whenever I try to show the things I have actually learned. I feel kind of stuck and mocked and like that is another side of me that I have to hide from everyone.  I’m also good at sewing, my grandma taught me. I’m super good at cleaning, she taught me that too. She taught me almost everything she knew, including to not hide who I really am, but when she passed, and I had to live with others, and then I later had to be stuck in that horrid place, that I won’t name, I just lost who I was. The only thing that I kept… was fighting and sass, it got me through. I have a lot more to me, but that is all I feel comfortable sharing for now.         

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