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Hayden Baulmfield

My name is Hayden Baulmfield. I am a paleontologist working on a way, to not only build a full-size replica of every dinosaur that has ever been discovered, and house them all in a museum – or on the museum grounds – but also to make interactive experiences with dinosaurs. You will have to keep following me on social media if you want to know more about how I plan to do this. Feel  free to donate to my cause if you are interested in a “real life”, interactive, experience with dinosaurs. There will be various levels of interactions, depending on how much you donate. Anyhow, about myself… well, I enjoy learning and memorizing facts about scientific things, especially archeology and paleontology. I appreciate quiet, order, routine, and respect. I respect others in their respective fields and expect the same in return. I like consistency and while I enjoy, what I call “controlled adventure”, I do NOT enjoy venturing out and trying new foods or new outdoor experiences, unless I have time to adequately prepare for them. I am really not sure how else to describe myself, except that people call me “odd”, but I and my mom feel that I am talented, witty, intelligent, and I really love my mom and appreciate her in my life.     

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