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Jarom Freeman

Hey, I am Jarom Freeman. I am almost done with my schooling to become a psychologist. I love people, and helping them is what I live for. I was fortunate enough to not have to attend Utopia, but most people my age and younger were forced to. They had to leave their families when they turned 15 and enter The Order of Utopia. It was supposed to be a great thing, but I personally don’t think so. Now, I am having to deal with a lot of the aftermath of Utopia and their crazy experiment, as a therapist for people who were messed up, by the place. Most people I try to express those feelings to though, they mock me, threaten me, tell me not to go against the “flow”. I only try to have a discussion and bring up the pros and cons and talk about ways that we could fix Utopia, and change as a society… but people don’t like to hear stuff like that. They just go with whatever the popular opinion on the media tells them to. Thank goodness that I studied psychology or I may be like them.  

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