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Bridget Buchannon

Bridget Buchannon, that’s me! I am in my mid 20’s and am single. I love nature and herbal stuff and meditation and relaxing and anything that is non-stress. I like music, especially music without words. I love the ocean and the beach and breeze from the ocean and the smell of the salt water. What else? I am pretty calm or chill, I like to think anyway, and I like helping people. I talk really fast when I get nervous, or sometimes laugh at the wrong time, but I am very genuine. I cannot stand “fake” people! “Fakiness” if that is a real word, annoys the heck out of me, and women definitely do it more than men. They especially are like that when guys are around, they seem all sweet and compassionate and kind and they love kids and they offer to help with things and then the second the guy turns his back, they are gagging, not helping, pulling faces, being a snot to all the other girls, etc. They are like, “Oh my gosh, I just twisted my ankle, I need you to help me baby” and junk like that. But, oh yah, I am getting side-tracked, this is supposed to be about me, not them. So that is NOT me, and I can’t stand, and I definitely avoid any women like that at all, that I can.

So, back to me, I had to attend Utopia and it nearly crushed my spirit and destroyed me. I’m going to counseling and seeking help now. I’ve tried managing without it, but I went through some serious stuff that my new counselor calls PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I own my own shop, am attending online schooling, and am close with my family now that I have found them again. We are still working out some glitches, but we really are close. I am not typically a rebellious type person, but when it comes to Utopia and anything to do with their lies and control, I am completely against them and could be called a “Rebel” or “Nonconformist” or whatever you want to define it as. I want nothing to do with that evil, awful creation. I better not get side-tracked onto that again though here. So, I guess the last couple things that I have time for, are that my favorite food is Lasagna with zucchini instead of noodles, I can add my recipe if anyone is interested. Oh, and my favorite color is rust color and my favorite book, well there are too many to name. I could go off about a ton more things that I love, because I love so many things now that I am free, but mostly, I love being free and want to advocate for people to stay free and convince them never to give up their freedoms again, in anyway. And be careful, because tricky people have found all kinds of crazy ways to take away your freedoms, even in the government and medical fields and so many ways. Just don’t trust most groups or agencies and really pay attention! I am often called a “Conspiracy Theorist”, but I have tons to share with you – It’s all true!      

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